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Adrian Ehrat has studied visual design while Alexis Saile mastered as a graphic designer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


The secret behind their pictures’ “nowness” doesn’t lie in Adrian and Alexis’ education but rather in their characters. Their close ties with Zurich’s cultural and subcultural scene as well as countless fringe groups of all denominations, their love of music and their attachment to their own children and kids in general lead them straight to the core of the matter at hand—interacting with  models and passers-by, acting on the spur of the moment while at the same time meticulously documenting what’s happening. Whatever they encounter on sets is there to be played and experimented with. And this shows in their pictures, which are characterized by freshness and spontaneity while at the same time being rooted firmly in everyday life as we know it.




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Volans Swimwear

Bogner B_Styles_SS2024 – Issue 1
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Bogner B_Styles_SS2024 – Issue 1
Volans Swimwear 2022
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Volans Swimwear 2022
Modissa 2021
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Modissa 2021
Volans Collection 2021
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Volans Collection 2021
Volans x Hana 2021
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Volans x Hana 2021
Birkenstock – Special Collection
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Birkenstock – Special Collection
Volans Swimwear 2020
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Volans Swimwear 2020
Volans Swimwear 2019
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Volans Swimwear 2019
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Birkenstock
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Globus
Modissa – Making of
Copyright Adrian & Alexis – Modissa – Making of